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You want to learn mediabuy – The best Recommendations

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To learn mediabuy you need to have all your instincts and logic applied so you can make the best decisions

This article will give you precious tips so you can be a great professional in this area

Select what type of traffic you want to advertise and then the Ad Network where you want to work

First you need to choose whether you go for adult or Mainstream traffic (games, apps …).

Once you know the type of traffic that fits you, you can choose which ad-network to work with. You can check here which are the best ones.

You can also have another strategy. Choose a few offers you think will take you to heaven, understand what your targeting is (Country – Operator) and go for the ad-networks where you know that traffic is abundant for that specific targeting.

Select in which countries / operators you want to work

In this step you should always focus on having well-optimized segments at the end.

For this you must have a reasonably large but controlled segment at the start. For example, having a single country in a campaign. You can have different operators but try to focus on the profitability of each one and if it is necessary separate the operators in different campaigns.

Always try to have different campaigns for different types of ads. A banners of size 300×100 will have different optimizations than a banner of size 300×250 or a simple redirection.

How much do you pay for your ads?

In your campaigns you must choose how much you pay for impressions, clicks or visits.

You have two ways of working.

You are aggressive and you want all the traffic of high quality. You can put high bids, but always control the capping, that is the number of impressions, clicks or visits for each user. You will always have data faster but you already know that you will pay a high price in particular for TIER 1 countries.

You like to be calm. Put intermediate bids and try to increase your bid whenever you manage to do an optimization. So you can go for quality traffic but more slowly.

The material you use in your ads is very important

This is one of the most important points. Your material must be made of high quality and above all it must be according to the offers that you are promoting.

If you have specific offers you should use their banners or you can always ask them to approve yours but try to keep the coherence.

If you are using links with many offers you can try different types of banners so you can find what is best for the campaigns. The idea is that you always have a small number of banners. You can use 1 or 2 to maximize your winnings and 1 to try other ideas.

The idea is to maximize the CTR which is the number of clicks by the number of impressions. A banner that generates many clicks will always be better than one that generates few clicks.

Try different images, text, font or colors. Follow their results and optimize so that you maximize your profits.

Always remember that it is very important to use your logic and your intuition. Also, always ask your account manager in the affiliate network to help you choose the best offers and control /optimize your campaigns.

Only as a team can you obtain stable results and achieve your goals.

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