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Top beginner mistakes

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We all have moments when we make mistakes, but that helps us to start and grow professionally. Well this list will help us not to make the same mistakes made by other Mediabuyers. It will allow you to achieve your goal with much less difficulty and get the best of your campaigns as quickly as possible.

Choose Easy Countries

You must choose countries where competition is low, with good amounts of traffic and low payouts. You will have much more data to optimize your campaigns and with low costs.

Activate different spots

There are several types of ads that you can activate. You should always choose a group of 3 or 4 ads that allow you to correctly analyze the type of traffic in a country. If you only cast a spot for a certain country you can reach the conclusion that this is not good. It is possible that this country has good results in traffic of redirections or pops and you will not know it if you do not test it.

Start slowly

This point is related to the previous ones. Choose only one or two countries with the correct targeting and with 2 or 3 different spots. So, you have data optimize the campaigns and exploit it in detail. Detailing the targeting, you can have the highest profits. If you are new to the platform, the main objective is to understand it, your traffic and your optimization process.

When is it time to optimize?

All the campaigns have a different period to optimize. Wait! This is a very important phase: you are collecting statistics. Do not panic. Do not make changes in the first 3-5 days depending on the volume of traffic you have. You need to have relevant statistics, so you can evaluate the behavior of the traffic. Otherwise, you can make changes not considering delayed conversions or based on time periods or days that are not the ones with better performance. But be careful – if you see that all your money is going to the trash for bad sites or banners that do not convert – you should cut it.

More optimizations mean better campaigns?

No. When you launch the campaign, you must wait a few days to collect data before optimizing. When you optimize remember your changes and what the impact of them on your campaigns. Knowing that you will have a clear idea of which change has impacted which of the parameters.

If I do not have earnings, should I change everything?

When you make some changes (Bid, capping, ads material, operators, language …) you need to understand what has influenced your performance, and that is why you should only make one change and wait a bit to confirm its impact. If your impact is not positive, you can go back to the previous targeting. If it’s positive you can continue your optimization. Fix one of those parameters, and your campaign will become profitable.

Do not use too much ads material

Use at maximum 3 so you can analyze and optimize your material. Thus, you will quickly become profitable.

Should you control all costs at every minute?

It is natural if you want to control all your invested euros, but often that can prevent you from having data to analyze. If you do not have data for your analysis you will not be able to make good decisions and it is at that moment that you start losing your campaigns. I know it is difficult, but you will always need to have conversions or high costs to understand what works or not.

With these basic notions you will have much greater possibilities of turning your campaigns extremely positive and you will commit much less mistakes. Talk to us so we can give you more information and help you throughout the process.

I wish you good luck!!

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