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Adsleading Link

The direct Link is the simplest tool you can find in AdsLeading. It is the perfect tool if you buy traffic in DSP’s, Ad-Networks or Social networks. You can use it to buy all types of traffic (Pops, Redirects, banners, posts…). If you buy banners traffic you can use it with your own banners/images. If you are a webmaster, just upload the banner on the position you want and link it to the Adsleading Link. The concept is very easy. Every user that clicks on the image with the link is redirected to the Adsleading offers. You send traffic to us and we convert it into money for you.

Offers Selection

Have you checked the Marketplace? Offers Selection include all the offers that were asked by you in the Marketplace and approved by our team. You have information about the Category, Payout, Billing method and banners. You have the banners approved for each offer under the button “Banners” with the number of available ones. If it is the right offer for your just grab the link and use it as a Adsleading link. Use directly on DSP’s and ad-networks, associate it to images or use the offer in one of our AdsLeading tools. You will see that for the wright niche it will maximize your revenues.


Pre-landers are one of the most important tools in marketing. Wisely used can be used to strongly commit the user to buy the product of the offer. A Pre-Lander is not more than a website but used with a slightly different purpose.

Webpages ca be widely used to show content from different topics, news, game tricks, sports, weather and the list goes infinitely. Many Webmasters construct quality webpages that reach tons of quality users. This traffic can then be monetized. Let’s suppose that you construct a baseball webpage with news and images.

You get your traffic and then you decide to monetize with AdsLeading tools. You can use our direct link and send the user directly to the offer page, also called landing page.

So, where is the pre-lander? You decide if you want to use it or no. It frequently increases the performance of your results because it interacts with the user. It is positioned just before the offer page and well-constructed may increase the curiosity or the confidence of the user in the product.

On the Baseball sports webpage, you can have a link to a pre-lander where a small video, images and testimonials are given about the game offered in the offer page. You are then increasing the confidence of your user.

Tip: High quality means always better results. Try to think well on your strategy to get the best results. The offers do the rest.

Domains Registration

Do you have a webpage or a blog and you want to use one of our Adsleading tools? Just register your domain here and you will have it available for all the Adsleading tools. You can use the cloaking to redirect traffic depending on the type. You can create a landing page to use on your domain and much more.


Call to action buttons are great to call the attention of the users. You can use them on the Mediabuy platforms, websites, pre-landers, social networks or even posts. Use your imagination to Spice up curiosity and take the best of your users by monetizing your traffic. You can design create, customize and implement call-to-action-buttons. Tip: Test them whenever possible and optimize your traffic by using the best one. Do not forget to test new ones as you can always improve your gains.


In this section, we provide you with images which you may use associated with other Adsleading tools. Adult and generic images are available. We provide you tested images with good results. There are normal images and filtered images depending on your objective. Tip: Test more than one image. The results will always be different for each affiliate because of slightly different methods or users. If you test several images you can find which image better fits your traffic and maximize your revenues.


Pop traffic has been widely used over the last years and it is always one of the best tools to target users. We provide you codes which allow you to use popunders or popups on your codes. The mobile popup opens a new tab on the top of the original website where you click on the link. The mobile popunder opens a new webpage under the original website each time you click on the link. There are tons of reasons why some of the experts think that it is one of the most easy-going tools. The most evident is that you don’t need ads. You can send the traffic to a pre-lander or directly to the offer. Tip: If you want to maximize revenues analyse in detail different pre-landers. As you do not have an Ads it is the first point of contact with the user. You start selling your product here, so be efficient.


A dialog text is a box where instead of communicating with the user by an image you use a text. The Dialog box has a title and a text area. You should use the title to call the attention of the user. Describe your product or inform him in the text. If you have a highly graphically webpage where one more banner image makes no sense you should this tool.

It is easy to use. Just copy and paste the following code inside your HTML. Modify your text, your title and test what can be the best combination for your traffic.

Content Locking

Content Locking is a tool which allows your website to block the content until the user fills an offer. We provide you with the code that enables you to create a title, a description and a section with offers placement. You can choose the offers you want to include in the tool by selecting them on our menu.

You have a website with tricks that nobody has. You are going to show content that nobody has available elsewhere. Use this tool and generate income from your hard work. Just copy the code on your website and our link will do it for you. Tip: get traffic from social networks. These platforms have users that are curious about new and unique stuff.

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