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What is Affiliate Marketing?

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A person who starts in this world of Affiliation Marketing, asks himself questions like

How does this business work? What are these affiliate programs? How much money can I earn doing this? Will they really pay me for this?

This is simply a form of Marketing where affiliates get a percentage for referring consumers of digital media to the advertisers landing pages.

A good example of this would be if I, as an affiliate, have a web page or blog oriented to “Culinary Art” and they click on any banner or ad that I have on my site. If they buy install or obtain something on the landing page, I as the owner of the website will receive a commission.

One of the most popular types of Marketing and that we live with and deal with at every moment while surfing the Internet is CPA Marketing (CPA Cost Per Action), which is one of the most popular in the network. This is not necessarily a sale to receive your commission. The visitor must complete an action, as for example provide an email address, subscribe to a newsletter, download an application, subscribe a service, among others.

Within this type of Marketing, we manage mainly Three environments:
• Advertiser: Is the one that manages or directs the sales or actions of the products that will be being promoted.

Editor: It is the affiliate. It’s the person who makes the promotions of the products, shares with the links that refer to the pages where the final offers are.

CPA Network: It’s the intermediary that connects or makes the relationship between the Advertiser and the Editor, helping the Editors to manage or, rather, reach a larger public. It also helps the affiliate by pointing which are the best offers.

We optimize the marketing flow and analyze the market. The editors are in charge of managing the media and the advertisers are the owners of the offers, who sell at the end.

This works as follows

This has a blog or a website or just buy traffic. It’s responsible for promoting the product or offer and it receives its Affiliation link on the Ad Network (Affiliate Network – CPA Network). The affiliate receives his payment from this network.

He owns a product or offer which he wants to promote. The Advertiser takes this offer and provides the CPA / Affiliate Network / CPA Network to promote it. From the traffic sent to his offer page generates his gain.

CPA Network / Affiliate Network
Receive the offer of the Advertiser (Advertisers) or owner of the offer. This attracts an affiliate to promote products. Provide them with statistics, creatives and necessary material. In the end, it is who makes the payment to the affiliates.

This can be a product or service, for the countries where it will be available. The offer is shown in the allowed traffics and blocks what is not allowed. Each affiliate must always follow the rules provided in the offer.

We can provide you with the best and most attractive offers having the best Revshare for you!

We invite you to register and visit our MarketPlace, there you will find the offers that we have available for you. Also remember that if you have a large traffic, you can use our AdsLinks which give you total security and guarantees that your visitor will get the best offer.
AdsLeading is committed to obtaining the best results and the highest profits, as you really deserve it.

Thank you that AdsLeading has hit the market!

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