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Tips to improve your affiliate revenue using SEO

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Regardless of how much money you earn through your affiliate activities, you can always increase the amount of money you generate, you can always constantly improve your income. For this, you must be disciplined by using different SEO techniques that will be very useful to you. These techniques are often misimplemented or wrongly executed by others.

It is all about your website, the cooler it is, and the more visitors you will receive on your site. Coolness goes much further than appearance, because your site has to please search engine robots. When you make your website relevant to them, then you will get an increase in your ranking as a result.

See how important these little SEO tricks are that we are going to share with you today. We hope that once you have finished reading this article you can apply the knowledge gained and start increasing your affiliate income immediately.

You must make your website healthy

The technical difficulties of your website can negatively affect the performance of your search engine. Initially, you should check the status of your website, for this you must find out what the problems are and fix them.

The most common SEO drawbacks are as follows: missing alt text, missing H1 tag, broken internal links, duplicate title tags, missing meta description, duplicate content, broken external links, duplicate meta descriptions, multiple H1 tags and low text to HTML ratio.   

Fortunately, the internet is packed with specialized tools that provide in-depth analysis of a website. There are several free and paid applications that you can use to obtain a detailed report of your website.

The tool you should use is up to you. Let’s look at different types of these applications:

Google Search Console

Pros: Is good for SEO apprentices as well as for expert webmasters. Extremely intuitive.

Cons: Discovers only simple issues. Low crawled speed.

Pricing: Free.


Pros: Over 60 checks containing ones that other tools are omitted. Provide exactly how to fix solutions.

Cons: Involves some time to master all of its features. Audits only 100 pages in the free version.

Pricing: Free limited version, free complete version trial, $99.95/month for a full version (a package of other marketing tools are included).

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

 Pros: Thorough crawl with plenty of beneficial checks. Adaptable.

Cons: Involves profounder understanding about SEO and website structure. Yearly payment only.

Pricing: Free limited version, $191/year for a full version.

Choose keywords that are similar to difficult ones, but mixed with associated terms.

We know it’s something that sounds amazing, but you shouldn’t target search terms with the maximum volume. Instead of you doing this, you can choose keywords that are similar to difficult ones, but mixed with associated terms. You have to pretend to target some long tail keywords. The amount of traffic that comes from these is small compared to short phrases. Despite this, if you discover the correct long-tail keywords, this will bring you much more long-term benefits.

The keyword research process is easy if you help yourself with the appropriate tools. Here we show you various applications that you can use for keyword research:

Google Keyword Planner

 Pros: Default inclusion with AdWords. Appropriate for SEO rookies as well for SEO experts.

Cons: Displays only scopes instead of exact values.

Pricing: Free.

KW Finder

Pros: Design for keyword investigation only. Speedily discovers the keywords associated to problem solving.

Cons: Some chance of receiving inexact results.

Pricing: Free limited version, $29-49/month for a full version.


Pros: 340,000,000 keywords, volume, traffic stats, CPC and several tools of other features. Leads the market.

Cons: Encloses many other marketing tools you might not need at this point.

Pricing: Free limited version, free complete version trial, $99.95/month for a complete version (a packed of additional marketing tools incorporated)


 Pros: Good quality of analytics provided. Forecasts how many clicks you will get.

Cons: Might look too complicated for SEO learners.

Pricing: Free trial, $179/month for a full version (a package of extra SEO tools included)

Improve your content in a SEO Way

In these times, it is not enough to write good content. No matter how attractive, cool and fun your texts are, if your texts are not optimized in the correct way, the possibility that they will achieve good search results will not be very high.

Let’s look at the following example so that you can better understand what we mean. Imagine that you have a topic for a new article about online marketing tools. You have done keyword research, you have chosen several juicy keywords that fit your goal perfectly, and you have found an attractive headline: “These 10 online tools will change your marketing in gold.”

Seemingly, all that has left is to write a copy and enrich it with all keywords you have dug so far. Do not get ahead of this part yet, as you should go a little deeper.

Here we detail for you the steps you must follow:

  • Make a compelling structure including headings, sub-headings, and numbered lists and bulleted.
  • Add the main keyword along with the medium and high volume keywords in the title and h1 tag.
  • Use the tags “ol” for ordered lists and “ul” for lists that are not ordered.
  • Answer concisely to a particular question, we suggest preferably in the first paragraph. (“Online marketing tools are …”)
  • Use reasonable names and labels for illustrations in your article.
  • Write a complete meta description adding your main and minor keywords.
  • Make a relevant URL for your article that is readable and not long.

It is important that you give a lot of importance to the length of your article. SEO experts have shown through research that long readings of approximately 2,000 words are more likely to top the SERP.

Any type of content created by you should solve your audience’s problems, satisfy their needs and answer their questions.


Links are important because they are part of the group of the most significant ranking factors. Links will help you improve the authority of your website and rank higher in the search results. You must do some work with all kinds of links.

Internal links

If you have some content that ranks fine, you ought to place some “dofollow” links from it to your new article. Place links from this new article to the associated content: relevant articles, landing pages, etc.

External links

Try to use a few external links from your article to authoritative sources such as, Google, Wikipedia, etc. Obtain as many backlinks to your article as you can. You can use tools in order to link building and backlink ideas such as SEMrush, MOZ, Ahrefs or Majestic.

Remember always: It is better to obtain 10 backlinks from 10 sources than 100 backlinks from one source. Search engines consider a website more authoritative if it has many backlinks from other sites. The quality of these backlinks is important, they all must come from reliable resources and would be relevant to your content. The more qualitative backlinks you obtain, the higher your position in the SERPs is going to be.

Here we have some tips for you in order to improve the engagement of your users:

  • Create a comment section in your website and answer each comment individually to get people involved in the conversation.
  • Use social media buttons under each piece of content so the users can share your articles.
  • Keep your articles updated every time you get new information on the topic.

These steps that we have explained to you today in this post are very easy to apply, if you follow these tips in a disciplined way you will not have to wait long to start seeing the results. We always wish you the best, let’s work together to improve much more every day and increase our income together.  Let’s grow together!

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