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Let us talk about SEO Affiliate Marketing

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If you currently want to start affiliate marketing or are looking for some guidance that will help you understand that you are making the right decisions, this article will be of great help to you. We are going to share with you some tips that can help you, so that your first or next campaign can get off to a great start.

The connection between affiliate marketing and SEO can be complicated. In fact, if a business or a site has a drop in rankings, they usually get to the conclusion that one of their affiliates is guilty. It is usually caused by the poor reputation affiliate backlinks have, regularly deprived of a real reason. That is why it is very important that you know SEO practices for affiliate marketers. It is imperative that you know very well exactly how Google ranks websites. This will go a long way in helping you make websites that are highly ranked for good reason.

Knowing the best SEO practices will make you generate more income and will make you experience great joy on your journey through affiliate marketing. In turn, your site generates more revenue, and you can know with certainty that there is nothing bad on your end.

Affiliate Marketing

The act of promoting someone else’s service or product looking to earn a commission once someone clicks on the link and takes the desired action, this is what we know as Affiliate Marketing. It is great that there are many different affiliate networks that you can enter, this helps you to market in a niche that you are loving about.

The Way

Here we detail the way:

  • You join an affiliate network and decide what product or service you are going to promote.
  •  You place your affiliate links on your web pages, social networks or videos, so that people can click on those links and can take the expected action such as buying the product or service or completing a form. When your target audience executes the expected action immediately you get pay.

Let’s take the opportunity to review many important things, which will allow you to realize how everything works. This is all you need to know before firing up your affiliate campaign.

Selection of the niche

Choosing a niche is very important. The best way to start is to select something you are passionate about. You should keep this in mind when selecting your niche, whether there are many people who are looking for the product or service that you will offer them. Another aspect that you should take into account when selecting a niche is whether there are a multitude of people looking for what you would like to offer them.

Check if there is a lot of real search volume on the web for the keywords that will work with your offer. Remember that: If there are no searches, there is no traffic!

Domain Name

This is a very important factor. This can determine if your website will be successful. This choice you have to make is basic.  Either you want to have a website with a huge authority that can be something you can actually brand, or you want to go for a short, straight-to-the-point, exact match or partial match domain. You really need to take your time before you start and decide what long-term goals are for the website.

The advantage if you build a large authority site is that you can always stay on top and make real profits, but if you choose an exact match domain to target a main keyword, it could all fade away over time as trends change. For example, if you are working in the martial art niche, do you want to make an authority site that you can keep exploring long-term and use it as a constant project or do you want to target a specific product or niche within the enormous general niche of martial art?. The exact match option could produce faster results, while on the other hand the other option could be something that you continue to build on over time.

There really is no right or wrong way, you can make money with either path, and this is why it is very important that you analyze crucial matters in the early stages of your effort.


Normally many people do not give the importance it deserves the hosting; this is a serious mistake, because the hosting is very important. You cannot have a slow loading website and wait for it to load; this is not at all pleasant for visitors to your website. No matter what method or which way of generating traffic you are using, if your site is slow, the users who view your page will abandon it, it can affect your SEO efforts.

You must choose a quality web hosting that guarantees speed, security, reliability, and that doesn’t cost you much money.

The Content

Your content has to be of good quality. Content marketing can bring you loads of targeted traffic, if you do it well, your site is going to have followers and even readers forever.

The content will depend on your previous choices. If you choose for the route of a targeted niche site or if you select the long-term, authority-style site. If you decide on the laser-targeted niche site (occasionally named sniper site) you are not going to need a lot of content. but, if you take the authority site, the content will positively be handled by yourself or by somebody you have cooperated with on the project that has the understanding and desire to keep adding good content for several years to come.

On-Page SEO

Whether you are making a sniper site or an authority site, you will want to get your on-page SEO dialed in. With the sniper site, it should be straightforward. You are targeting something very specific and your SEO on the page will reflect that. With a site with authority style, you are going to want the home page to have an overview of the topic. Later, you will be able in order to create posts, pages, and subpages to target certain keywords.

Selecting the keywords

Google had a huge change when it comes to domains, niches, and keywords. We recognize that it is advisable to select short URLs, memorable domain names and short URLs. Remember that Google assigns great importance to the first five words of the URL, and does not apply to keywords anymore.

Google has introduced Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) through the addition of the Hummingbird algorithm to its search engine, this means that Google tries to find out what your article is about according to what you are actually writing. Do not forget that long-tail keywords are equally significant if you want to rank well.

For example, instead of competing with the keyphrase “good car workshops”, it would be much better if you used a long tail keyword like “good car workshops in Miami”. With the latent semantic indexing, you do not have to repeat the whole sentence or even write it in the same order, and this is a good news. This is thanks to Google anyway captures it throughout the text.

Do not use poor content

Spam is a very tempting malpractice for many, it is very tempting to use this technique and want to send content that is not relevant to the audience at all, but this practice is not allowed, it has been seen as incorrect for a long time and we will not recommend it ever.

Really, with the advances that we have today with search engines, the practice of spam would harm your rankings. The best practice to have high Google rankings and a lot of traffic on your website is to have high quality content. You must provide your audience with something that adds value. If your content actually is surprising, entertaining, engaging and educates the reader, you will definitely have a greater number of backlinks.

See how important it is to create quality content and not spam, you will realize how it will increase the trust and loyalty of your audience, they will be more willing to consult any service or product that you are promoting. All the content you create you must ensure that you are creating it for your target audience and that this adds value in some way to your daily life.

Improve your site for mobile

Mobile traffic is very important, in fact, most of the people who will visit your page will be through mobile devices. According to the facts, much more than 80% of Internet users have a Smartphone, and close to 50% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices.

If your website is not yet mobile-friendly, you should do so as soon as possible. Favorably, this will not cost you much time or money; there are some services and templates that can help you in order to do that.

Social media is your best ally

Social media is the king right now in the marketing digital world. According to statistics, nearly 95% of online marketers use media marketing campaigns to massively publicize their brand and achieve communication with their audience.

Customers feel very confident when communicating through social networks with a company; they feel that they are communicating with a person directly. Therefore, Conversion rates are greatly higher. Research reveals that social media customers have a higher sales rate compared to traditional marketing.

When you make a post on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. an ever-growing audience will be able to see each publication made by you, and these people could comment on your content, share it and even promote it for you.

Off-page SEO

The backlinks are links from others websites to your site. How sites link to you is critical, and it is important to remember that faulty links will casually make your site the crapper with Google. You should be very careful when it comes to what you do and how you do it. It is not at all pleasant to have to try hard and finally that your results are favorable, but later they take away everything because you are very lazy with your links.

You need links to rank; some people are saying that you only have to construct quality content and that it will rank naturally, but this is something erroneous, don’t make this mistake. The backlinks done correctly will be one of the ways to your success.


We have finally come to something highly anticipated, conversions. Everything we have seen before is useless if you do not have your site prepared to be able to make sales because your site is not optimized for conversions.

You must have good traffic before achieving conversions. You need to make sure you take your time and in some cases even spend money to make sure you achieve good calls-to-action and that your site is properly channeling people to where you want them to go. Small tweaks in this can lead to huge profits.

Finally, I hope that the tips that we have shared with you are of great help to you, read them several times and apply them to your strategy and you will see how everything will improve little by little. Always focus on providing the best user experience and always providing your audience with the best content and service possible.

Moreover, remember that in AdsLeading we are here to help you. Let’s grow together!

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