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Just how to write banner ad copy in diverse Languages

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All affiliate marketers claim that different languages affect the effectiveness and strength of their affiliate marketing creatives. In addition to exposing the importance of languages, we will also touch on how you can use them in order to definitely project your business much better.

In addition to exposing the importance of languages, we will also touch on how you can use them in order to definitely project your business much better. We will talk about the solutions and methods that you can use to translate your affiliate creatives, banners and texts, and we will also analyze what software or resources can be useful to make your work as easy and fluid as possible.

What is in a Language?

The language issue may be more or less important to you, it all depends on how you work and drive traffic. We are conscious that there are other important points to think about when playing the affiliate marketing game. However, anyway, the language and how you use it, is a fundamental part that you should not forget and can definitely mark or undo your path.

Now we are going to show you an example so you can better understand why language is so important.

Example: Banner Misspell

Let us imagine that you are a media buyer originally from the UK and you are currently embarking on your business venture and do not have considerable experience when it comes to online affiliate marketing. Now let us imagine that you want to promote some campaigns in some Latin American countries.

You select an amazing offer from AdsLeading, and then you buy some Latin American impressions. Since you have no experience in the business and possibly you think that there is no difference at all, then you arrange to place some banners without worrying about the language used in the display ad copy.

Later you realize that you got many impressions, but very few or any clicks. You have used your entire daily budget and you have not achieved any return on your investment. Obviously the problem is that your affiliate creatives were displaying English words for Spanish speaking countries.

Sometimes even misspellings in ad writing can have a big impact on campaign performance. Because you didn’t know that adapting the language to each audience is something of vital importance in this type of business, for this reason you lose money and motivation to work.

Next, we will show you some websites and tools that will help you a lot when you have to do translations.

The greatest platforms to translate ad copy

1. Forums and communities

Likewise, there are various forums and communities specialized in different topics such as sports, automobiles, video games or science, as there are also some that are specialized in translations. These online communities can boast specialists and freelancers who are constantly working on translations. In these places is where you can discover the help you require with your affiliate marketing creatives.

The individuals who make up those online communities take translations seriously, and you have to pay for their service. You do not have to worry about spending a lot of money, since we are very sure that these people will make your translations stand out. If you have good translations, then this will make more people click and therefore transforms into more income.

We are going to recommend to you different online communities that can offer you good knowledge that will make your campaigns successful and that you have outstanding affiliate marketing banners.


They claim to be currently the largest network of translators in the world, they can effectively help you create affiliate banners that have the specific message you want to communicate. This community is intended for translators as well as translation clients, benefiting from the experience of more than 300,000 professionals in the area.

If you are currently looking for a complicated language combination (such as Arabic to Mandarin), dialect or someone with a specific subfield of understanding (sports, cars, health, etc.), then Proz is the excellent place for you. Proz has a wealth of resources for translators, as well as people just starting out and people who already have experience in the business. Something important to note is that registration in Proz is completely free, so don’t wait any longer and register.

Translators Café

This is very similar to Proz, the registration here is also free. This community and forum is aimed at hobbyists and expert translators. To request a translation, you only need to create a job post, stating what you will need and you will automatically receive several offers of translators to carry out the work.

Translators Café has a bidding system involved, which you will use to get a translator.


This website is highly recognized by users as the best of online language dictionaries, whose service is free. Without a doubt, you should visit this site when you need help with your translations. However, the majority of users of this website are not aware that this page also has a forum section. The forum is divided by language, for that reason it is very comfortable to work with it.

You must become active in the community, for this you only need to register, remember that registration is totally free and once you register you can post questions immediately. In case you didn’t know, Alexa currently rates this language forum as one of the 500 most visited pages in the world. The forum has more than 500 million users and more than 2 billion entries, this forum can be a very practical tool if you need a quick translation to promote your banner.

2. Dictionaries on the web

As we have already seen, we can find various expert online communities and forums in translations with specialists and freelancers suitable to help you in your translations, but you can also find the help you require in dictionaries and online translators.

These are probably not the most accurate when used in translation, but they are of great advantage in understanding expressions and their full meaning, while at the same time showing different ways of translating your words and sentences.


It is a translation dictionary and search engine that can effectively help you translate your affiliate marketing creatives. We do not want to disappoint you, but Linguee will not really translate a complete website for you. However, you can write words in languages you do not understand and check their meaning. Additionally, you can check contextual translations and other documentation on the web where the word or expression is used effectively so that you can get an idea of how to use it properly.

If you need a translation quickly, this may not be the most appropriate tool. However, if you require a real dictionary or vocabulary tool that also offers rich context, Linguee is for you. To get the most out of Linguee you should use it in conjunction with Google, Yandex or Bing Translator, as together they can provide a deeper context and meaning for everything you need to translate.


It is very similar to Linguee. You just have to write what you translate and the results appear quickly. The translations are based on real patterns of millions of expressions and words, with examples of their use, parts of documents translated by experts, websites, movie dialogues, newspaper publications, etc.

Reverso has a user-friendly design and is very easy to use, making it a very appropriate tool for beginners and experts. It is an effective, educational tool and above all, it is free.

3. Groups on social media networks

Social networks have millions of users and are eventually the best and most feasible way to meet people from other parts of the world and do business. By contacting people of other nationalities, you can easily make new friends who could help you with your language problems. Today Facebook is the most widely used social network and has specialist translation groups.

To join some of the groups, simply request access and they will quickly make you part of a community with several people from all over the world who can help you with your translation requirements.

4. Translators: Yandex, Google and Bing

You can use these tools to check if your translations are well done or not. You can use any of the free online translators that are available such as Google Translator, Yandex or Bing. Only you must choose the language to which you want to translate and write your text and immediately you will be able to observe the translation. You have to be careful with the result of the translation, because often it will not be 100% perfect and it is very possible that it does not take into account the context.

If you really are in a hurry and do not have anyone to help you, this is really a quick way that you can use to translate a short expression or just a few words. We do not recommend that you translate a large amount of text with this method, because it is very possible that you will get a text full of mistakes or with many grammatical and linguistic errors.

5. The affiliate network

If you need help or you have any questions with your translation, remember that the support team and the account manager of your affiliate network will always be able to help you. They are probably not the language gurus, but if we make sure that they will be happy to help you and do their best. Remember that, in these times, most of these companies work in multicultural environments with many colleagues of other nationalities.

6. Freelancers

It is very frequent lately that professionals put their talents and skills in the digital field to promote their services on freelance sites at very attractive prices. This opens up a completely new world of opportunities for people like you, people who want to make their affiliate marketing journey more profitable and professional.

Here is a brief review of two of the best sites out there for freelancers. However, remember that there are still many more pages on the internet to explore.


It is a freelancing work platform where various professionals and companies from anywhere in the world can connect and cooperate. Upwork currently has more than three million jobs posted each year, twelve million freelancers, and five million enrolled clients.

On the website, you will see a wide variety of services, from designers, programmers, writers, customer service representatives, and translators. In fact, this is a simple solution to translate your affiliate marketing texts.

It works very simply, you register on the platform, publish a job offering details about your project and what you will need and then Upwork will provide you with a variety of suitable freelancers to help you in your project. You can also research various profiles, create job proposals and get an interview with your main candidates.

All payments are made only through the platform that Upwork has. In addition, it has a protection program that you can use, paying only for the work that you have previously authorized.


Currently Fiverr claims to be the largest market for digital services from writing, translation, video programming, editing and graphic design. Actually, you can find everything at a very good price on this page. Fiverr is very commonly used by freelancers who intend to offer their services to clients anywhere in the world.

When you sign up as a buyer on Fiverr, you immediately gain access to a global network of quality freelancers who can help you grow your affiliate business to higher levels. These experts can translate your promotional materials or can even help you design them according to the guidelines that you require.

Considering everything, we have seen in this post, it is always worth spending time trying to discover the best affiliate creatives to promote your offers and gain greater reach. Never underestimate the power of language in affiliate marketing when it comes to copywriting.

This may not be the most important element of mobile affiliate marketing, in fact, traffic, offers, payments, and investments might be more important to you. However, you should never forget that this can help you increase your income.

Spending time and money creating clean affiliate marketing banners is always the best for your business and credibility. Otherwise, optimizing your work and your campaigns can be very complicated.

Always you must make sure you do a good job, always do things right and use the correct language and grammar when you are promoting your offers.

We hope that those tips that we have shared with you today will help you grow and improve more with AdsLeading Crew!

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