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Advices from Sweepstakes Specialists on Launching Campaigns

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Sweepstakes is one of the best-known verticals that has been lucrative for advertisers for a long time. The rivalry between affiliate marketers turns out to be higher and higher, and is not as calm as it was previously.

Especially for you we have compiled several tips from expert advertisers on how to run fruitful giveaway campaigns. The guide on headlines for sweepstakes is going to teach you how to make crucial selling headlines that will grow the CTR of the push notifications and is going to increase the conversion rate.

Things that you have to contemplate when selecting an offer

Rookies and experts in performance marketing select sweepstakes. Certain types of offers allow inexperienced affiliates to experiment without losing large amounts of money, and at the same time, there are eye-catching offers for experienced affiliates.

Among the various sweepstakes that exist, anyone can search for an offer and try to make a profit from it. Among advertisers, it has been reasoned that the sweepstakes vertical is one of the most basic to make a revenue. For some funnels, it does not take much effort, but things are not as easy as they appear to be.

The four types of offers that exist

  • SOI (Single Opt In) and DOI (Double Opt In) – In the first case, it is enough to leave your email, but in the second one, the email has to be confirmed.
  • CC-submit (Credit card submit) – Excluding personal data, you have to write your credit card information and a small sum of money will be canceled.
  •  Pin Submit – The conversion is achieved when a user sends payment SMS or executes the registration in another way.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) – To validate data it is necessary to call and check your personal website pin code.

The SOI and DOI offers appear to be very simple in order to obtain conversions. You can get a good profit from them in developed countries where advertisers are willing to pay in order to get private customer data. In fact, these offers emerged not so long ago in developing countries, but the payments are quite low in these countries.

In spite of GEO, the payouts for these offers are the lowest in the vertical. Typically, the simplest action generates the lowest conversion payment. However, not everything is perfect; there are also hidden dangers.

Important advice from affiliate experts on this type of offers

It is very likely that in the simplest offers, you may come across a questionnaire where the user must complete a large number of fields. This may sound easy, however, thanks to the extensive questionnaire this will not bring you many conversions. It is important to consider the number of fields that the user has to complete for the pixel to activate. This questionnaire should not be excessively large. In fact, many advertisers are often very sensitive to data confirmation, and if the data is false, the conversion is very likely to be ignored.

СС-submit offers are well known all over the world and are more difficult to acquire conversions. The funnel is more difficult in this situation. In addition to completing the questionnaire, you have to provide your credit card details, from which a small sum of money will be canceled.

The payment for these offers can be up to about USD$40, characteristically in the main Tier 1 countries such as the USA, Great Britain and Germany. Competition for traffic is very high in these Tier 1 countries. In the other Tier 2 and 3 countries, CC-submit emerged more lately. The main problem that exists in these countries is that users have fewer understanding of these types of offers. Your job is to inform the user about the vertical and exactly how they can make an income. It is very important to express that the lottery is totally reliable and safe.

Important advice from affiliate experts in this type of offers

Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries come to be active participants in the sweepstakes market. Practice has recognized that a high ROI is simpler here. In the case of CC-submit, there may be some sudden issues through processing from advertisers. The most common problem is that not all credit cards are accepted. For example, there are several offers of this category in the United States and there are no difficulties with credit cards, but in Brazil, they have certain complications with the authorization of credit cards and it is more complex to prepare successful offers.

If you choose to try your luck with developed countries, do not forget that users in those nations have a higher level of financial education. It is very significant to clarify the motive why the user can win an iPhone or has to enter their data. You should use pre-landing pages that logically lead to the main page of an offer.

Pin Submit is a very particular area of sweepstakes vertical. They too have funnels with prize lotteries and can be attributed to the realm of mobile subscriptions. We are going to discuss this in more detail in subsequent posts.

IVR offers are very strange, but some affiliates reach to convert them. The achievement of the conversion in these offers depends on the duration of the user’s conversation. To convert, you need to have a talk for at least 2 to 3 minutes. This may be long enough in our age of messengers.

The dare of working with these types of offers establishes the quality of the connection in diverse GEOs. In these offers, you permanently need to check the performance of the telephone network, if there is 24/7 support (to avoid potential escapes) what is the response waiting time and if everything is well with the connection.

In what way to promote sweepstakes

Any campaign needs tough work selecting and testing with various creative alternatives. The benefit of launching campaigns in AdsLeading is that you are able to add up to 10 different creatives in a campaign and you can run qualitative split tests.

Finding ideas for creatives

What do you ponder about using various spy tools? Why not? However, all demands a focus. If you are exhausted from creating new creatives, we can do it totally free for you. Check with your account manager for more details.

Qualified affiliate marketers recommendation

The use of spy tools filters out significant creatives during the last 1-2 weeks. Creatives make users uncomfortable. If you use older versions, you will be facing the risk of entering the market with creatives that do not work correctly.

AdsLeading specialists have found that the more a user sees the same images in push notifications, the lower the CTR and the chance of getting a conversion.

Have you recently found fresh popular creative?

Take the idea, but go back to work, you have to make a few small changes to make your creative look different. If you are using an image with a gift box, experiment with another image or another angle.

You have to use the principle of making minor changes with the assistance of the photo editor, incorporate the use of bright and striking details in the image; you can also add festive ribbons or fireworks to the gift box to make it look more striking.

Qualified affiliate marketers recommendation

Something that can significantly reduce the confidence level of the lottery is small mistakes. You have to always take into account that the model of the Smartphone that you are offering matches the model in the description or in the title, this always has to coincide.

You have to use the button of an email or a new message as an icon. This technique is well known to various advertisers. If you add the red number 1 to it, simulating if you have a new message, the creative will be much more attractive.

Incorporate eye-catching headlines, emojis, and icons into your text. Such as gift box🎁, fire🔥, festive ribbons🎉, etc. This will increase your CTR.

Try to make an Android icon for deals with Smartphones. Clearly explain the meaning of the offer and never violate the rules of moderation.

The CTR of the creative can be increased through the use of the package image in the country of your offer. For example, if you are working with an offer from Great Britain, you have to select the image with the mailbox from that country. This is going to produce the illusion of a real package waiting for the user at the post office. Practice has shown that this technique is truly effective in the Czech Republic and France, but you can also experiment elsewhere and have good results.

Let us see some details about the moderation of the sweepstakes

It is very common for push traffic sources to limit or prohibit well-established methods of promoting gifts in other ad formats. Frauds, shocking headlines, and celebrity use are not allowed. Not all publishers support the use of brand mentions.

Important recommendations from the AdsLeading moderator

It is important that you always keep in mind that in the icon or the main image you can never put the image of the brand; this will decrease the list of available sublists. You can use the photo of a smartphone and mention the model, because the device itself is not a brand.

In addition, in AdsLeading unreliable messages are not allowed. It is better not to claim that a person won an iPhone and received an email. You have to communicate about the possibility, for example, saying, “You could win an iPhone.”

Translate your creative and landing page into local languages

We recommend that you translate your creative and landing page into the languages of the countries where you purchase traffic. You will achieve better conversion in your creatives if you do this. Keep in mind that residents of European countries are not necessarily experts in the English language, for that reason the specialists urge not to work with English packages in France.

In countries with several official languages, the situation is a bit more complicated. For example, let us look at the case of Switzerland, where the official languages are Italian, German, and French. If you choose to enter the Swiss market with the English language, this will hinder the process for you to achieve good benefits.

Qualified affiliate marketers recommendation

The English language packages are very suitable for the countries of Near East from Tier 1. If you want to try sweepstakes offers in Qatar or in the United Arab Emirates, it is not mandatory to use the official language because the population of that country has knowledge of the English language and they speak it quite fluently.

Let’s talk about some tips on using Sweepstakes pre-landing pages

Several affiliates believe that it is not necessary to use a pre-lander. However, practice and experience have shown that running sweepstakes offers effectively without using previous landing pages is impossible.

The particularity of the vertical is that you must prepare the user to leave their data. Users have to understand what benefit they get from completing the questionnaire and entering their private data.

The pre-landing pages have a great importance in the countries of the levels 2 and 3, the users of these countries are only learning about the draws. In the countries of the Level 1 pre-landing pages, you have to offer them a very clear reason on how and why they can earn a valuable price by paying only USD$ 1-2.

Qualified affiliate marketers recommendation

You should use a design similar to the design of the website that offers a lottery on the pre-landing pages. You have to make a more logical change and this will not incite further internal protests. Never use the company logo on the landing page this will make moderation difficult. Rather you have to use a similar page making; this in turn will make the user consider that the previous landing page is the offer website. Using the previous landing pages with questions is showing very good results. Experts testify that using three questions is apt to attract users. The most important thing is not to ask general or abstract questions.

You have to think of the appropriate reason why the company is giving away prizes and your questions would support it. Here we show you the questionnaire for the company that offers cell phone service, and the gift is an iPhone: Which cell phone service provider are you currently using? What functions are you using more regularly on your cell phone (Internet, calls, SMS, etc.)? What happens to your current cell phone provider?

Pre-landing pages that have the ability to choose a gift from 3-4 variants are currently converting very well. You could use the wind to show that one of the gifts has already been delivered. This will show that the offer is popular and will create an imaginary hype while keeping the user continuing. 

You must create worthy relationships with your manager; your manager can do a lot for you. This will save you time and money if you go over the details before launching the campaign (sources, targeting, how many new subscribers you can send, competitiveness of an offer,).

The Sweepstakes vertical is a second popular vertical in AdsLeading, and our specialists understand that the tendency will be the same. Sweepstakes vertical work very well even though there is high competition. Use the professional advice to successfully run push ads through AdsLeading.

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