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How to buy quality web traffic?

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It is very common these days to buy web traffic. This modality has become a very attractive option for the growth of publishers. A very common question is, How to buy web traffic the right way? And that this does not attract irrelevant audiences such as robots and bots to your website, since these can damage your brand and cause you financial losses or even the blocking or suspension of your ad account. Another very typical concern that is worth emphasizing is, how not to let buying web traffic be the main driver of your growth? Because with this option available, one could lose sight of the SEO techniques that are so legitimate for positioning a website in Google SERPs and for the user to persist longer on the website. For these and other reasons, we want to make this guide to guide you so that you can buy web traffic safely and not be deceived.

What is buying web traffic?

If you are a publisher who monetizes through ads, you already know that AdLeading, AdSense and others are serious ways of how to get money, and that for this, you will need a website that is fully perfected and a large audience with a massive amount of visitors monthly. This same principle is used by publishers who earn income through the sale of their own products. To achieve good conversions, you require a quality audience with a considerable volume of monthly visitors.

Buying web traffic is the option that can help publishers achieve this in less time. It is very likely that as a publisher, you do not see the results you expect, even doing a good job of SEO, maybe you spend a lot of time on your website and need financial returns as soon as possible. This much-desired traffic is purchased through ads on various channels, the objective of which is to show an offer or a preview of your website, which is attractive and causes them to enter your website and read or view your content.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying web traffic

Buying web traffic is fast in every way, because it is affordable and both positive and negative results can be seen in real time. For this reason, you quickly set up a targeting ad for your site in one of the channels you select and start converting instantly.

Entering the metrics of your campaign is also something of very great value. This can allow you to make adjustments in the campaign according to the performance. The configuration of campaigns also allows a precise segmentation in most of the channels, so you can place your ads to the appropriate audience, such as geographic and psychosocial information: gender, age, etc.

As part of the disadvantages we can mention the price per click in some of the channels, which is established by auction, this means that who gets to pay more is who buys it; This could increase the price per click and increase your investment. Also, we ran into the space invasion factor, a controversy. Because the ads must be clear and detailed that they are ads, this makes it easier for most users to identify them, which has led to some rejection. Many users perceive that their online environment is contaminated by ads and they do not like to click.

High investment and great competition could also be detrimental to some highly saturated niches.

Some channels where you can currently acquire web traffic

These are some of the options, there are others, we advise you to evaluate these and other options so that you can select the one that best suits your budget and your business model.

  • Google Ads
  • Taboola
  • Facebook Ads

In conclusion, buying web traffic represents an investment that will require a lot of analysis, never forget that you should always test your campaigns and use the metrics so that you can make decisions about what should be adjusted or what should be changed at a certain time. Always remember to improve and optimize your ads to get the most out of your investments.
Sure, all of this could be somewhat complicated and time consuming. Building the ideal ad layout for your page can also be a challenge, since user experience must be a priority, and it is decisive for monetization that users spend more time on your site. For this reason, let our experts in ad operations take care of this for you, we are available to help you identify the ideal design of your page, the number of ads to show, to join the correct ad networks , set up the offer holder and much more. Sign up with us to monetize more and direct all your traffic to AdLeading!

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